Use of Facebook Lite App in Slow Internet Connection

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Hi Friends! After my Previous Post ‘How to Use Paytm E-Wallet Step by Step Full Guide’ I am going to share Download and Use of Facebook Lite App in Slow Internet Connection. Even today, many villages do not have the best service of the Internet, the Facebook Light App is a data-friendly version of the Facebook app designed for the smartphone, Facebook Light was launched in 2015 for developing countries like India, where Internet Speed is a big issue.

Use of Facebook Lite App


The Facebook Lite app uses more than 200 million users every month and the ORIGINAL Facebook app uses more than one billion users daily, The use Facebook Lite app not only consumes faster mobile data but also consumes more of the phone’s battery. Broadband speed has improved considerably in the last two years in India, but faster internet speed in rural and towns and cities is still not available to everyone.

What is Facebook Lite?
The Facebook lite is an Android App, Facebook Lite is available for download on Google Play and it runs on Android 2.2 or later Android OS. The size of this app is different from the different device. Facebook Lite is designed to provide a much better experience on slow internet connections and low cost smartphones. After downloading the Facebook Lite, you have to login. To log in to Facebook Lite, you have not need to separate id you can login with original Facebook app ID.

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Facebook Lite is a light version of the original Facebook app. And with its full version app its interface is also different. All the features like news feed, friend request, message, notifier and search are also given in the light app. Status updates or photos can be easily posted in this app too. Messenger is inbuilt in Facebook Lite, so users do not need to download Facebook Messenger separately.

Use of Facebook Lite App

If you are using an old Android phone or have taken a budget Android device that has low storage. So you can download the Facebook Lite app. With Facebook Lite, you will get full fun of Facebook as well as it does not consume too much of your device. In addition, app updates also consume less data. If you go to places or live where the 4G or 3G signal is not strong and you do not want to spend a lot of data on Facebook. You might like this app

Facebook Lite VS Original Facebook App
In order to make the app easier, Facebook did not previously offer video streaming option in this app. Recently this feature was included in Facebook Lite and now, like the original Facebook app, you can share and play videos with user friends in this app. Unlike the original app, a video in the Lite app already knows how much data users are going to spend before the start of streaming.

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The Facebook Lite app has inbuilt chat messenger, Which means that the user will not need to download a separate app Facebook Messenger to chat like a native app. Nor will it carry additional storage. In the Facebook Lite, the Chat page can be viewed at the top of the main screen. But in Facebook Lite, you will not get the Nirbay Friends feature. Features like Group Chat and Green Stickers for Active Friends will be available. Apart from this, in the Facebook Lite app, there is no alternative to live video just like the original app. Emoji also appears in the light app as emoji keyboard shortcut.

In Facebook Lite the user has the option of selecting image quality by going to the app’s settings. If the user chooses low or medium quality options for photos that open on their timeline then the photos will load faster and the data will also be saved. You can Download Facebook Lite App from Google Play Store

I Hope this tutorial of Download and Use of Facebook Lite App in Slow Internet Connection is very helpful to all of you, if you like this tutorial please share it with your friends via social networking and if you have any problem regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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