How to Upload Video on YouTube Step by Step Full Guide 

upload video on youtube

Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting our blog, In my previous post I mentioned How to create email account free with Gmail, Now in this post I am going to share How to Upload Video on YouTube. Do you know YouTube is the one most popular free video hosting and online video sharing platform in the world, currently YouTube have 10 billion user watch daily video on YouTube, One of the best websites that we have available to us is YouTube.

Upload Video on YouTube

YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley , Steve chen and and javed kharim in america on the dated 14-Feb-2005, after this Google bought it in November 2006, Now Google operate it. The YouTube allows their users to upload, view, share, rate, add to favorites, report and comment on videos. Let us now know how to upload and share videos on YouTube.

How to Upload Video on YouTube

If you want to upload and share your video online via YouTube first you need to log in to YouTube with Google account. If you have a Google account log in to the YouTube or if you don’t have any Google account you need to Create a Google account. Learn how to create Google account, Your Google account can be used for YouTube, Google+, Gmail, and any other Google platforms. After log in please follow below steps carefully.

1. Log on to and click Sign in button from the right top corner.

Sign in to Youtube
2. Enter your Google account ID and Password to logging and click Sign in button.
3. After Successfully logging on YouTube click upload button from the right top corner.

Youtube Upload
4. Select the video that’s you want to upload by clicking select file to upload button.
5. After selection the video wait a few time to complete the uploading process.
6. After successfully uploaded your video make your video setting like Video Title, Description and other setting.

Video Setting
7. After completed your video setting click publish button.
8. All done now your video live on YouTube.

Note:- You can upload your video directly from your Smartphone simply download YouTube android app from the Google play store sign in and upload. Happy Sharing!

I hope this tutorial of how to upload video on YouTube is useful to all of you, if you like this Tutorial please share it via social button and if you have any questions regarding this tutorial you can comment me by using below comment box we are always welcome to your comment.

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