How to Upgrade WordPress php Version 5.6 to 7 Beginner Guide


Hello Friends! How are you all? In my previous post I have already mentioned that the WP Super Cache Plugin-Recommended Settings & Configuration 2018. After that today I am going to share how to Upgrade WordPress php Version from 6.5 to 7. Do you know that updating php version from your c-Panel can increase 30% of your site’s loading speed. Today we will tell you about making simple changes to the hosting cPanel of your blog, which can increase the loading speed of your site up to 30% .

Upgrade WordPress php Version

By default, our hosting cPanel has PHP version 5.6 enabled. Almost every hosting has this version of php.While Php version 7 has been released in 2015 but people still use 5.6 version only because they are unaware of it.

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The old WordPress php Version had some issues and the features were minimal but php version 7 has been very well inbuilt. Keeping in mind its speed has been optimized. This is 30% faster than the old version.So i always recomend you to use upgraded version of php that’s it php 7 version.


What is php Version?

php is a script language that’s used to create websites. In this time more than 70% website has build on php language. This language has been used in popular social networks and e-commerce websites.The best thing WordPress which is the most popular blogging platform, it has also been built on php. So in this post i will tell you step by step guide to how you can upgrade your php version to latest php version.

How to Upgrade WordPress php Version 7

As I mentioned, by Upgrade WordPress php Version 7, you can increase the speed of your website up to 30%. Along with this, all themes and plugins on this version also work well. Therefore, we must upgrade our PHP version. So let’s go to know how to upgrade php version 7.
Step#1– First login to your c-Panel

Step#2- Go to Software Section and click Select PHP Version.


Step#3- Now open a new page which allow you to upgrade your php version.

Step#4- Here you can see you current php version. for change click on php version and select 7.1


Step#5- Now click set current version button.

All done! You have successfully upgrade your php version to the php 7. After upgrade if you have some issues on your site then you can contact your hosting provider.

I hope this post of how to Upgrade WordPress php Version from 6.5 to 7 is very helpful if you like this topic please share it with your friend. And if you have any question regarding this topic you can ask with me in below comment box.

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