Top SEO Factors which have more Effect in Google Ranking


Hello Friends! How are you all? In my previous post i have already mentioned What is SEO? After that today in this post i am going to share Top Most Important Top SEO Factors which have more effect to Google Ranking. As we all know that’s all bloggers want to get top 10 position in Search Engine Result, but it is not easy step to same. If you want to get batter ranking in search result page you need to do hard work. If you do not have any information about all these things then there is no need to get upset, because in today we will be giving you full information about SEO Trends.

Top SEO Factors

As we all know If any website requires organic traffic then Google Ranking is very important to them. Many bloggers do a lot of money expense behind the good rankings, Still they do not get better ranking. In this post i will tell you all important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors which you use to build better ranking of you blog or website.

Important Top SEO Factors to get Better Ranking in Search Engine.

Do you know SEO is not a one click or one step process, it a process to do many thing on you website, In this post i introduce you to top main important factor that’s use by google to provide better ranking of any blog or website. There are 12 Effective factors which used to Better Ranking in Search Engine.

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Top SEO Factors which google count in your blog during the ranking period.

>> Total Visits of Website
>> Page View of Your Blog
>> Bounce Rate
>> Content Length and Quality
>> Visitor Holding Time on your Blog
>> Website Security (HTTPS)
>> Meta Tag
>> Keyword Density
>> Title Tag
>> Description
>> Referring Domain
>> Keyword in Heading Tag
>> Backlink of your Website
>> Website Authority
>> User Friendly

Factors that have a lot of impact on Google Ranking

1. Website Speeds –Website Speed is one of the major factor in SEO Ranking, because bounce rate of any blog or website depend on its loading speed, If your website loading slowly then your visitors don’t stay long time on your blog which increase bounce rate of your website. So i recommend you to make your website as like rocket, when a visitors visit on your blog then they received fully loaded website.

2. HTTPS Security- Google has recently introduced this factor which is important to all bloggers. Make your website more trustworthy in Google’s view because it will help to be a high rank in google. To do this, you must enable security certification, which is HTTPS. This will make Google aware that your website is more secure to do any work. You can enable Free HTTPS Feature on your blog by using Cloud Flare.

3. Social Signal – We need to share our blog more and more with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, because social media sites send new and uniqe traffic on our blog. Google considers this too important in the ranking factor.

I hope This Tutorial of Top SEO Factors is very usefull to of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social media sites, and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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