Top 10 Popular Social Media Sites List to Promote Your Business


Hello Friends! In my Previous post i have already mentioned How to Replace and Return Amazon Products Online. After that today in this post i am going to share 10 popular social media sites which you can promote your business. Do you know online advertising has become a big solution nowadays, Nowadays, every person spends their time on the internet online. Most people use social media sites to spend their time on the internet. in this post i will tell you about 10 popular social media sites list that’s you can use it to promote your business online.

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As we all know Social media is the best platform to promote your business online because many people spend their time on these sites. You can find more customers by using these social media sites. These  all social media sites are allow you to promote your business products or services online free. It is important to present yourself or your company products in online to grow your brand and attract more customers. you can also use the Paid or Free advertisements.

Top 10 Popular Social Media Sites List to Promote your Business

Well all social media sites are popular bu in this post i have mentioned only most popular social media sites with High PR and have Million of Customers.

1. Facebook
You must have heard the name of Facebook, It is top popular social media sites in the worlds. According to the research, more than five million businesses advertise their products through facebook. If you want to promote your business online then facebook is the best solution.

2. YouTube
YouTube is the Video sharing social media sites, it is also top most popular website in the worlds. Many customers of YouTube upload their videos by creating their own channel. you can promote your business product on their videos.

3. Twitter
Twitter is the an online news sharing social media sites, many people update their news and status on twitter, it also most popular social media site according to other social media site. You can also Promote your business on this site.

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4. Google Plus +
Google Plus is the Google Partner’s site, it is also popular site in the worlds, As we all know Google is the top most popular search engine site in the world, many people share their photos, update and news on Google Plus, you can promote your business product on this social media site.

5. WhatsApp
When talking about the social media sites, then Whatsapp comes first. Nowadays WhatsApp is the Most Popular text messaging app in the world. many people share their updates and media file one to another by using Whatsapp. you can promote your product on Whatsapp. It is best solution to the online advertisement.

6. Pinterest 
We can use Pinterest to online advertisement, do you know pintarest is a photo sharing site and it’s have 100 billions users. you can promote your business product on it.

7. Instagram 
According to the internet Instagram is top popular social media site to share their video and photos publicly. this is also available in multi language. You can use this social media site to promote you business because it’s have 400 millions customers.

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8. Tumblr 
Similar to Pinterest, facebook and Instagram is also internet based social photo, video sharing network. it’s have billions customers. You can use it to promote their business product.

9. Stumbleupon
It is also a micro blogging and social sharing site on the internet. It is most popular Social site acroding to other social media site. many people use it to share their blog post and news updates. you can use it to promote your online business.

10. Flickr
This site offers you to host your photos and videos online for free. it is yahoo partners site. it’s have 10 millions Monthly visitors. you can use it to promote their product.

I hope this post of Popular Social Media Sites to Promote Your Business is very useful to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social media sites and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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