Top 20 Powerful Tips How to Make User Friendly Website and Blog


Want to know How to make user friendly Website or Blog? You have come to the right place. Hello Friends! How are you all? In my Previous Post i have already mentioned Top 8 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Ranking in Google. After that Today in this post i am going to share how to Make your Website User Friendly and Improve your website user Experience. If you want to success your blog then your blog should be user friendly.

Make User Friendly Website

You make every effort to get traffic on your blog, but for this it is very important that’s your blog must be user friendly which you can increase returns visitors of your blog, because any blog not be successful without user supports. So in this post i will tell you top 20 effective ways to Make User Friendly Website.

How to Make User Friendly Website or Blog?

User Friendly Website help your visitors to find their useful content on your blog, from which your visitors do not return with unhappy from your blog. So i recommend you to make your website or blog user friendly by using these method.

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To make user friendly website you need to follow all steps like Website Design, Look, Website Speed, Navigation menu, Layout, Colour, Screen Resolution, Mobile Version and other things. Now let go to know all these 20 tips, that’s can make your blog or website user friendly.

#1- Avoid Pop-Ups – You will never use any pop-ups window on your blog, because it is not user friendly, When a new visitors come to your blog then they will have trouble with these pop-ups window.

#2- Make Your Navigation Easy to Follow – Always make your Navigation short and easy to follow with responsive design. which your visitor easily find your category or section of your blog. Do not use any Empty or Bounce Link in your menu section.

#3- Make your Website Speed Up- Make your Website Fully Speedup, when a visitors visit on your blog then they should find content Immediately. User always avoid slow loading website because they do not wait for loading your website.

#4- Do not Add Auto Play Video- Should not be played your video automatically on your website, Visitors have trouble to this, always avoid this method on your blog.

#5- Do not Add Auto Play Audio- Should not be played Audio automatically when a visitors come to your website, Visitors have trouble to this, always avoid this method on your blog.

#6- Add Search Box – I Recommend your to add a Search Box on your Website from which your visitor can easily Search their needed content from your website.

#7- Add Sitemap on your Website- Add a Sitemap Link in the footer area of your website from which visitors can easily find your all post.

#8- Answer All Comments – When a visitors ask any question via comment section of your website then you need to give the answer immediately from which you can make strong relationship with your visitors and they return on your website later.

#9- Use Minimum Ads- If you use advertisement with your content then use minimum ads units on your website. I Recommend your to use 3-4 Ads Unit on your website.

#10- Clean and Simple Layout- Make your website a very simple layout so Visitors can easily understand your blog.

#11- Be Honest- Always Publish true information on your blog so visitors trust with you and also your blog, from which your relationship with them will last for a long time.

#12- Add Contact Form- Always use a Contact form on your blog so visitors can easily contact with you when they face any trouble with your blog or blog content.

#13- Fix Broken Link- Check broken link daily on your website, because visitors can void these types of blog which have many broken link.

#14- Use Alt Tag in Image- Use image in your blog post with alt tag, so that any person can easily understand your image. this method also help to improve your Website SEO.

#15- Add Social Media Icon- Make your profile in all social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pintarest etc, So that when any visitors want to connect with you then they can easily connect with you.

#16- Add Popular, Related, Latest Post List- Add Related Post, Popular Post and Latest post list on your blog, This will give your visitors more content and they will stay on your blog for longer periods of time.

#17- Add Commenting System- Allow Comment system on your blog, This will allow your visitors to make a discussion on your blog. this is one most important part of  User Friendly Website

#18- Use small Logo- Make your blog Logo size too small, so that it can easily load in slow internet connection.

#19- Make your Theme Responsive- I recommend you to always use responsive style theme for your blog which easily loaded in all device screen size.

#20- Write your Content Publicly – Always Write your content for everyone, So that no one understands that you have written this content for any one person and everyone could understand it.

I hope This Tutorial of Tips to Make User Friendly Website is very useful to all of your, If you like this post please share it with your friends via social networking and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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