Install and Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin (Beginner Guide)


Want to Properly Install and Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin, there are perfect setup of SEO by Yoast Plugin to beginner. Every blogger want to get higher amount of traffic on their blog but it is not easy without search engine optimization. So in this post I am going to share how you can optimize your blog search engine friendly by using Yoast SEO plugin.

Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

As we all know WordPress is the top most popular blogging platform because there are many plugins available to build your website easily, and when we talk about WordPress seo there are two most popular plugins available to complete on page optimization of your blog. Yes, we are talking about SEO by yoast and all in one seo pack plugin. both these pluins are very popular on WordPress, It would be a bit difficult to compare these two plugins. I highly recommend both plugins but in this post I will show how you can properly install and Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin. We also use SEO by Yoast plugin on banshidharinfo.

Complete guide to configure WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin

Yoast plugin is the most popular plugin to WordPress search engine optimization, by using this plugin anyone can do complete on page optimization on their blog without need of coding skill. Yoast seo plugin founded by Joost de Valk, he is a WordPress web developer and an seo expert. We sincerely thank those who developed this useful plugin.

Before starting the setup guide let’s know the features offered by this plugin.

  • Import export seo setting with another seo plugin such as all in one seo
  • XML Sitemap generation
  • Titles and meta data
  • Verify site using Google console ana Bing
  • Home page and post page optimization
  • Live suggestions in WordPress editor
  • Robots.txt and .htacess editor
  • Breadcrumbs setup

Now let’s started to guide of how to properly install and setup wordPress seo by yoast plugin –

How to Properly Install and Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

There I will show step by step complete guide to properly install and setup wordPress seo by yoast plugin, so read carefully.

Step #1- First go to Plugin>>Add New and search SEO by Yoast and install this plugin.


Step #2- After installed a new SEO option appear in the admin menu of your WordPress dashboard, click on this.

Step #3- If you are already using any exiting SEO plugin such as All in one SEO, Jetpack SEO, Ultimate SEO and other one, then you need to follow step 4 and 5 otherwise ignore this step.

Step #4- If you are using any other seo plugin on your wordpress site i recomended you import your seo setting with Yoast SEO Plugin, you should go to SEO>>Tool>>Import & Export>>Import from other seo plugins.



Step #5- Next you need to choose the plugin from which you want to import your exiting SEO settings with Yoast Plugin, before doing this step I highly recommend you to backup your setting in local drive by using cpanel or any backup plugin. or Read How to Get Backup of WordPress Blog Data and Content.

Step #6- If you are not installed any exiting seo plugin on your blog or you have new blog then let’s follow these steps,

Step #7- The first things to enable advance feature of yoast plugin go to SEO >> Dashboard >>Features>> Advance setting pages and enable this feature to access advance setting pages of yoast seo plugin.


Step #8- After Enabled Advance Settings go to Dashboard >>Your Info and fill the required field with your info and click Save button. You can see example.


In this page you can fill the meta data information of your website such as name, alternative name and choose either you are a company or a person behind the website and click save changes button.

Step #9- After that go to next tab option which labeled Webmaster tool, here you need to add verification code and verify your site with alexa, google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster and click save changes button.


After completed these all steps, let’s go to more advance settings part of yoast seo plugin Click Title & Metas option from the SEO menu which allow you to configure the title and meta data of your blog pages.

Step #10-Now the first Tab of meta and title is called General from which you can set the Separator of your blog title. This Separator will display for instance between your post title and site name. The default option of separator is dash, i recommended you to please leave it default and you can set it as your choice.


Step #11- Next Click Homepage Tab option, In this section you need to fill the Title and Description of your blog Home page which display in Google Search Result, and Click Save Changes Button.


Step #12- Next Click Post Types Tab option, In this Section You can configure the title of you Single Post and Single Pages. By default these fields are also pre-filled with title-template, which is good. If you want to customize this then you can see example of below image.


Memorize the Yoast SEO Plugin also add a seo meta box with your post editor, I highly recommended you to manually add the title and description of your blog post and page from editor meta box and leave this post type setting default.

Step #13- Next Step is the Taxonomies, in this section you can configure the category and Tag meta robots which can be Index or Noindex in Search Engine. I highly recommended default setting of this section, but we use custom setting on Banshidharinfo blog. you can see example.


Step #14- Next tab is Archive, In this section you can configure meta data for archive page and author page. we recommended you to leave it default, the default setting is also used by many popular websites.

Step #15- Next Go to Social option from Admin SEO menu, which allow you to configure social meta data of your website. The first tab of social is labeled Account. This section help search engines to know which social profiles are associated with this site. you need to add the all social URL which is associated with your website such as, Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Twitter and any other social page.


You can also configure the Facebook open graph meta data option and twitter card meta data by switching the next tab section. These setting will help Facebook or Twitter to get up the right thumbnail image and page information such as Title and Description when a user share your post on facebook or twitter from your website.

Step #16- Next Go to XML Sitemaps option from Admin SEO menu, where you can configure the sitemap of your WordPress blog. Do you know Sitemap is a very important part of your blog, It is a very easy way to get index your website content in Search Engine. Yoast SEO plugin provide a simple way to Add XML Sitemap to your blog and also allow you to configure many other settings related to sitemap. First you need to Enable the Sitemap option from the general Tab section of XML sitemap.



After that switch to ‘Post Types‘ tab section which allow you to enable or disable the post type which you don’t want to be included into sitemaps, The default setting is also good leave it default or you can see the example of BanshidharInfo blog.


After That switch to Excluded Post which allow you to remove a particular post or page from sitemaps by post IDs. you can configure this setting as you needed. The next tab is Taxonomies switch to this tab option.

from here you can Include or remove the Categories or Tag from sitemap. I highly recommended you to make leave it disabled.


Step #17- Next option is the Advanced which allow you to configure the breadcrumbs, RSS feed and Permalink setting. you can also configure this setting as you needed. breadcrumbs is a extra site linking feature which include on your blog, it defines a clean path for for page or post of your blog. you can see the breadcrumbs example.


By Default settings of Permalink and RSS is also good, so Leave it default setting.

Step #18- The next option is called Tool, which allow you to Export you yoast plugin setting to local drive and also available tools to edit robots.txt file and .htaccess file of your blog.

Final Word

These all Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin we shared which is our personal recommendation  Other experts can ignore anything which they don’t like.

I hope this tutorial of Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin is very helpful to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social networking site and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.


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