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Google AMP understand for Accelerated Mobile Pages, from January 2018 Google make it compulsory for every blogger to use amp version blog for ranking factors. So today I will tell you complete Setup Google AMP to your WordPress blog. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a way to make you blog faster loading in mobile devices by offering lightweight versions of your pages hosted on Google’s servers.

Setup Google AMP

As you know nowadays the Internet mostly surfing on mobile platforms and use the Google engine for search but due to slow Internet connectivity, some websites do not load properly, because of this Google has advised to all bloggers to enable the amp version on their blog so that all the blog will smoothly open in a slow internet connection. In this time google highly help to rank those blog which using amp version. So friend if you want to setup google amp to WordPress blog then this post is very helpful to you.

Before starting the topic understand more about the google amp version.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) ?

Google AMP  (Accelerated Mobile Page) This is a project or initiative launched by the Google, whose main goal is to make web content load faster for mobile platform, Google AMP ignore unwanted script and CSS and allow to load only the content to be hosted on google amp catch. it also improve the user experience and traffic to your blog or websites. If you want to see the example of AMP version sites see below image:


Google Show AMP Enabled sites with a special mark something like this:



Advantage of Google AMP Blog

1. Quickly load your blog in Mobile Platform
2. Increase Mobile Traffic on your blog
3. Improve Search Ranking
4. Load your website like a mobile App
5. Improve loading time of your website
6. Reduce Bounce Rate of your website
7. Boost Adsense Revenue
8. Increase Social visibility

I hope you now understand what the ampe is and how it work, So let’s come to know how to enable it on WordPress.

How to Setup Google AMP on WordPress Blog

It is very easy to enable AMP feature on your WordPress blog, just you need to install some plugins like another plugins. There are official plugin by automatic popular at this time but the official plugin doesn’t have any configuration option, so you need to add some other plugin for extra option.

First of all I will show you how you can install and test the the official AMP plugin by automatic, then I will tell you some extra features.

How to Setup Official AMP plugin
If you want to enable AMP feature with official plugin download and install the official AMP plugin by automatic like other plugin. In this plugin you don’t need to configure anything. After a few days of installing the plugin, it will automatically add AMP version of all your post. After all, If you want to check amp version properly working or not you need to add /amp/ at the end of your URL. For example



It will show like this in amp version:


You can also configure some extra option with the help of Yoast SEO plugin. Just install the plugin Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP, after installed you will show the AMP option in the Yoast SEO menu like this.


You can configure Post Type, Designs, and Analytics option of your amp version. But these both plugin doesn’t actually give you any further options to configure your AMP pages like Ads revenue and others. If you want to configure some extra option then you need to install another plugin.

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Let’s get started with some extra configuration option in AMP version.

How to Setup Google AMP version pages

It is very easy to configure your amp version pages, just installing by AMP for WP plugin by Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi. Once you activate this plugin you will see a AMP tab in your WordPress dashboard menu. click on this option and configure advance setting for your amp pages.

advance amp

You can get started by clicking on General option. In this tab you can setup theme style, color, menu option and logo for the AMP version pages. You can also configure the Ads revenue option by clicking on Advertisement option.


The Notification tab allow you to add a pop-up notice board to your visitors, it will only show when users visit on your amp version pages.

AMP for WP plugin automatically add a separate menu location in amp version pages, you can customize it by going to Apperience>>Menu and create a menu for amp view sites.


You can also customize more your amp version by using this plugin. I highly recommend you to use this plugin to enable amp feature on WordPress blog.

I hope this tutorial of complete Setup Google AMP for WordPress is very helpful to all of you, if you like this please share it with your friends, and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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