Setup Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS) using CloudFlare for WordPress


Want to secure your blog with CloudFlare Free SSL Certificate. make you wordpress blog https enable. Hello Friends! how are you all. in my previous post i have already mentioned that Top 8 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Ranking in Google. After that today in this post i am going to share complete guide on How to Setup Free SSL Certificate and Enable HTTPS Security on your WordPress blog using CloudFlare. A few day ago google has announced that’s they count HTTPS as a ranking factor of any website/blog which means if you enable SSL Certificate https Security on your blog then you will get higher rank position in search engine.

Setup Free SSL Certificate

In such a situation if you go to purchase a SSL Certificate then you need to pay $40 to $60 on the internet. but in this post i will tell you a simple method from which you can get free ssl certificate and Enable HTTPS Security for your blog.

Last month ago CloudFlare announced Universal SSL Certificate which allow to their customers to be able to use Free SSL Certificate on their sites. You can enable SSL Certificate HTTPS Security and secure your blog using cloudflare without paying any amount.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for building up an encrypted link between a server and a client which means SSL help you to creates a secure layer between your blog and user.

How to Setup Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS) on WordPress

To get your site over HTTPS you need to install it’s manually on your server.  In this post i will tell you step by step simple guide to install Free SSL Certificate HTTPS Security on your WordPress Blog using CloudFlare.

Step#1- First Login to your CloudFlare account. If you don’t have CloudFlare account you need to Register.


Step#2- After Login Submit your Website on CloudFlare. Click ‘Add Site’ from the top right corner.

submit website cloudflare

Step#3- After Submit wait few minute to cloudflare scan your website.

Step#4- After Completely Scanned Click Continue Setup.

Step#5- In this Step CloudFlare Automatic update DNS Record of your blog. you don’d need to do anything here click Continue Button. If you want to change DNS Record you can do it.


Step#6-  In this Step CloudFlare offer Paid and Free plan to their customer, If you are a Blogger you can choose Free Plan and If you have a Business or any E-Commerce website then i recommend you to choose a Pro-Plan.


Step#7- Choose Free Website and Click Continue Button.

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Step#8- After all you need to update your domain Name Server. For this Login to your Domain Provider Dashboard and Update your Domain Name Server with CloudFlare Name Server and Click Continue Button.


Step#9- After Successfully Updated your Domain Name Server. Wait for 5 to 10 minute for change.

Step#10- Choose your Website from the Left top corner and Click ‘Crypto’ Option. After that Choose’Flexible‘ option from the SSL Section. ssl-setup-cloudflare

Step#11- After all you have successfully Activate all setting from the CloudFlare.

Step#12- Login to your WordPress Dashboard and Click Plugin>>Add New Option.

Step#13- Install and Activate these two Plugin.

(a)- CloudFlare Flexible SSL


(b)- SSL Insecure Content Fixer


Step#14- After Activated both plugin. you don’t do anything in CloudFlare Flexible SSL plugin.

Step#15- Go to Setting>>SSL Insecure Content and Choose ‘HTTP_CF_VISITOR (Cloudflare Flexible SSL)‘ option and Click Save button.


Step#16- After all Go to Setting>>General and change your blog and WordPress URL with https.


Step#17- You have Successfully Completed All Setting.

Step#18– Login again to CloudFlare Dashboard and Create Page Rule to Deliver Content via HTTPS.

Step#19- After Login Choose your Domain and Click ‘Page Rules‘ option and Click Create ‘Page Rule‘ button.

Step#20- Create Two page rules of your domain. First Create and second create and choose ‘always use https’ in the both by using “add a setting” option, and put a * (asterisk) at the end of your URL in the both. you can see the Example below.

(a)- Click on the Create Page Rules button.
(b)- Add your domain with http:// and without www and add a * (asterisk).
(c) – Choose Always use https from the add a setting option and Click Save and Deploy button.


Note:- You can Create second page rule as the same above method, just you need to add www in the URL. You can see the example in below image.


Congratulation! You have Successfully setup Free SSL Certificate HTTPS Security to your WordPress Blog. This setup take Up-To 24 to 48 Hours to make change.  Check your blog new https version.

I hope this tutorial of How to Setup Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS) using CloudFlare is very helpful to all of you if you like this post please share it with your friends via social networking, and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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