How to Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit Introducing New Ad Unit


Google Adsense launch New Ads Unit in Feb 2018 which called Auto Ads Unit, here step by step guide to How to Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit. Hello Friends! How are you all? In my previous post I have already mentioned how to Get Approved Google Adsense Account. After that I am going to introduce you with a new Adsense Ads Unit which called Auto Ads Unit. In February 2018 Google has launched the new Auto Ads Unit feature for AdSense which you need to place only one ads code on your pages and Google will automatically take care of rest.

Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit

This means that you only need to add a single ad code to your blog, and Google will automatically display many ads in place on your blog. This feature also allow you to choose many ads formats to display on your blog such as text & display ads, in feed ads, in article ads, match content ads and also Google recommend auto ads formats.

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This ways also help you to increase your revenue from your blog so let’s go to know how you can setup Adsense Auto Ads to your blog.

How to Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit

To Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit is a very easy task you need to choose which ad formats you would like to display across your blog pages. then copy the ads code and paste it on your blog. you can also choose to display different ads formats on some of your pages. Let’s follow below steps.

Step#1- Login to your Google Adsense Account.

Step#2- From the left navigation menu click My Ads option then Click Auto Ads.


Step#3- Now will appear auto ads configure page like below image. Click the Global Setting Button.


Step#4- From the “choose your global settings” option select the ad formats which you would like to show on your blog. You can use controller to configure the ads formats.

Step#5- Select “Automatically get new formats” option if you want to google AdSense automatically add the new ad formats to your global settings when it available on Adsense ads unit feature. You can also leave this option blank.


Step#6– Click Save button

Step#7- Now copy the ads code and page it between the <head> section of you theme. If Auto Ads code not appear automatically then click Setup Auto Ads Button.



If you don’t know where you can find head section on your blog then follow below steps.

WordPress User

Go to Apperience>>Editor and click header.php file. Find the </head> tag and past your ads code above the </head> tag. You can see example.


Blogger Users

Go to Template>>Edit HTML and find the <head> section and past your ads code above the </head> tag. You can see example.


Final Word

If you’re using another blogging platform. You can find <head> section depending on your theme and past Adsense auto ads code between the the </head> section.

I hope this tutorial of How to Setup Adsense Auto Ads Unit is very helpful to all of you, if you like this tutorial please share it with your friends and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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