Top Secrete Tips to Quick Increase Blog Traffic 2018 (100% Working)

Top Secrete Tips to increase traffic

Hello Friends! How are you all? In my previous post I have already mentioned Top 8 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Ranking in Google. After that today I am going to share top Secrete Tips to Quick Increase Blog Traffic which help you to boost your blog/website traffic up to 20%.

Quick Increase Blog Traffic

These all technique I have also applied on our blog, so I can say it with confidence it’s worked 100%.

Top Secrete Tips to Quick Increase Blog Traffic

As we all know organic traffic is the most important part of your blog SEO. If you want to boost your blog ranking in search engine it is very important to drive more organic traffic on your blog. In this post I have mentioned top Secrete Tips which help you to Quick Increase Blog Traffic upto 20%.

1. Content Locker Method

You can put a locked content on you post and ask reader to share it to unlock. This method will help your post to viral on social networking sites.

This is 100% working method to drive lot of free traffic and social signal.

2. Upload YouTube Video-

This is another working technique to Increase your blog traffic, Upload Youtube video related to your your post content, If you have written a post which have 600 word it about 3 minutes read time and if you have added a 5 minute video so when your visitors come to your site they will also read and watch your uploaded video. Know How to Upload Video on YouTube.

It’s means your average time on site will increase to 8 minutes, which also help to increase bounce rate of your site.

If you don’t have your own youtube channel don’t worry, i am not asking you to create your own youtube channel or video. You can embed any other video related to your post.

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3. Make Meta Description Clickable

Meta Description is the second most important part of On-Page-SEO. If you want to get Better rank from your competitor then you need to make impressive and clickable meta description.

4. Re-Share your Old Content

All popular websites use this method to increase traffic to their blog, It is 100% working. We always suggest you to add social media sharing button on your site or make auto-schedule sharing task. if your blog is on WordPress then there are many plugin available to make schedule sharing task.

5. Add Post Link in the Sidebar

This is very Simple Technique. If you want to increase page view of your site then add most important post link in the sidebar. You can also add Recent Post, Popular Post and Related post.

6. Comment on other blog with your blog keyword

Commenting is the most important part of Off-Page-SEO Technique, It’s also use to Link building. If you want to increase your blog traffic then comment on other related blog post with your blog keyword.

There are many blog or website available on the internet who accept and publish your comment.

7. Use Question Answer Site (like Quora/Yahoo Answer)

I will suggest you to use question answer website. It’s top secret formula to drive massive amounts of traffic on your blog. Simply you can register on question answer site like quora or yahoo answer and find questions related to your site topic and answer them.

Don’t forget to mentioned your post link with your answer. It also help you to create quality backlink.

I hope This technique of Secrete Tips to Quick Increase Blog Traffic is very helpful to all of you, If you like this post please share it with your friends and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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