Top 10 Reason to Get Disabled Google Adsense Account

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Hello Friends! How are you? in my previous post i have already mentioned How to Change Permalinks in WordPress without Losing Traffic? in this post i am going to share Top 10 Reason to Get Disabled Google Adsense Account You must know that Google AdSense is a platform from which you can earn good income, but it is very difficult to get Google AdSense account approval That’s why I have told a very easy way in my last post that you read it from here.

In may 2007, I started using Google AdSense. After that it became a monetization technique for my blog, within the first three years, I earned about 1.2 million dollar from Google AdSense. At the same time, I also realised that how much we talk about advertising programs similar to AdSense, but AdSense is a great and adequate pay network. know every think why you Get Disabled Google Adsense.

Get Disabled Google Adsense

Adsense is very strict for their TOS (terms and conditions) you take care of some things that do not violate Adsense policies. We all know Accessing Adsense Account is not easy and we have to keep a lot of attention so that our Adsense Account will remain active. Recently, I got an email from the Adsense team that wrote “Adsense serving has been disabled on one of my site” and I realized that this is the right time to write this post and new Adsense publishers are aware of AdSense policies To make and tell them that they should avoid some things so that their account is not banned.

Top 10 Reason get Disabled Google Adsense account

Below I have told about some simple mistakes that you or Adsense publisher will not have to do so that you will not be banned from the account. Understand Adsense TOS and do not violate Adsense policies.

1. Use Adsense on unsupported language blog
Google does not support all languages In your Adsense program, if you have an Approved Adsense account and you have placed your Ads on the website Adsense does not have TOS, then your account may be blocked. Especially, if you are using any multi-lingual technology and have ads, then it will be considered a violation of Google policies. That’s why I removed the Global Translator plugin from my blog.

2. Sending ads on Email.
Many publishers start sending Adsense Ads via email and sometimes this mail becomes viral, even against Google’s program policies.

3. Invalid Click
This is one of the very important reasons for which the maximum Adsense account is kept in the danger zone. Many Adsense publishers who are called Shuvawati speak to their friends that they can click on Ads by their computer or a different IP computer. . If the Adsense team gets to know about this activity, then the Adsense team disables that account.

4. Advertisement Label.
Many publishers continue to use the trick to attract readers to click on ads like click here, and click here to encourage, or encourage, encourage or many publishers pop up ads, which the viewer has to click without wanting is also a violation of Adsense’s policies.

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5. Altering the Adsense code:
Do you have the programmer? Oh! It does not matter. In any case, the Adsense code does not allow Google to change.

6. Hosting Copyright content:
If you have been putting Adsense ads on your website and are also hosting a lot of copyrighted content on your website such as movie, song or other file. If you do this then Google Adsense can quickly ban the account .Google Adsense is never allowed to use their program with copyright stuff.

7. Paid Traffic
If you are purchasing traffic for your Adsense enabled website, then this is also against Adsense TOS. I will advise you to read Google’s Adsense landing page quality guidelines which will give you a rich idea of what Google does – What does your page expect from.

8. Shading with Image:
If you hide the Google Adsense Image Ads unit in the middle of your blog or image of the image, rather than clicking an image of your image, then you may be banned from it. Google’s TOS will never allow this Do not let your image adjacent you with its Image Ads unit.

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9. Competitive contextual advertisement:
You can be sure that you are not using other advertising programs anywhere with Adsense. Although you can use more ads with adsense, but keep in mind that networks also adhere to the Adsense TOS. These are some of the ads networks that have been used with AdSense.

10. Making ads look like part of content:
You are absolutely free to change the color or size of your Adsense ads to your website, but you cannot create completely similar ads from your site’s content. I have shared in the image below how the ads have been hidden in the middle of the content.

I hope This Tutorial of Top 10 Reason to Get Disabled Google Adsense account  is helpful to all of you if you like this post please shares it with your friends via social networking and if you have any problem regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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