Top 10 List of Most Helpful Android App for Students Life

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Hello Friends! How are you all, In my Previous Post i have already mentioned What is Online Digital Locker? How to use Digilocker? after this, today i am going to share Top Most Helpful Android App for Students life. That’s help student to manage their note and increase knowledge from mobile phone. Nowadays more students just chatting on mobile, Because they do not know that much more work can be done from mobile phones.

Android App for Students

Do you know apart from chatting and social media, your Android phone can do many things. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the Android apps that can help in your studies. That’s mean this post only for students. It is not that no one else can use this app.These Android App for Students can work for you to enhance your knowledge and to be always updated.

Top Most Important Android App for Students Life

There i have mentioned top helpful android app that can help in student life, by using these Android Apps you can Boos your memory and knowledge during study time.

1. Wikipedia
People know about Wikipedia’s website, but they also have an app that is quite good and quite cheap. It helps in your project, research, and a lot of things.

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2. Google Translate
Google Translate is a top most popular android app for mobile, It’s help you to translate any language to other language like Hindi to English, English to china and many other language.

3. Free E-book Downloader
This is the top most useful app for student. You can search and download any book and read it directly from your phone. Through this application you can download a book of your choice from the book library.

4. Discovery News
This is the most important and useful android app for the Science students, you can get updated of science news and you can also watch their video in this app.

5. Cam Scanner
With this app you can scan and store your document and photo. that’s mean if you want to fill online form you can use your all document any where from this app.

6. Google Keep 
This is a Notebook Android app, if you want note you important chapter or word, you can use this android app in your mobile, it is absolutely free to use.

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7. Banshidharinfo
This is the most helful android app to every students, you can learn tutorial about Computer, Internet, Blogging and many more by using this app. you can also get updated from your local news via E-paper.

8. Kingsoft Office 
Kingsoft office works just like Windows’s MS office, you can create and edit Word, Excel, Power Point and other Office Document directly from your Android App.

9. Vocab++
Vocab++ is an dictionary application, You can Search meaning of any English word and learn grammar by using this android application.

10. Google Gogles
This is a Camera App, that’s mean when you click a photo by using this app google show the details of this photo. you can find full details of any photo via google by using this Android App.

I hope this tutorial of  Most Helpful Android App for Students Life is very helpful to all of you, if you like this post you can share it with your friends via social network and if you have any questions related with this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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