How to Link Your Aadhar Number with PAN Card Online

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Hello Friends, How are you? I Recommended you Please Read our Previous post ‘Use of Facebook Lite App in Slow Internet Connection‘ After This Today i am going to share a useful tutorial ‘How to Link Your Aadhar Number with PAN Card‘ Do you know it is now mandatory to add the Aadhar number with PAN card to file an income tax file. If you are trying to find out how it is possible then you have come to the right place you need to read this article carefully. The good thing is that the whole process is very easy. The option to add a Aadhar number with income tax form has been available for the last few years. But the government decided to make it mandatory to link the Aadhar with Pan this year.

Aadhar Number with Pan

Explain that this approach will work only when the details of PAN card and Aadhaar card are fully matched. For those whose cards do not match the details of the card, the government has tried to simplify this system. Now you only have to give a scan copy of your PAN card for this. Apart from this, the tax department is also planning to give online options in this regard. He will give taxpayers the option of adding support to his e-filing portal. In this option he will have to choose an alternate password (one time password) without changing his name. In order to choose this option, they will have to provide the mentioned birth date in both documents and on their matching they will be able to add the pan on an online Aadhar.

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How to Link your Aadhar Number with Pan Card

The Income Tax Filling portal has been already activated a function of link Aadhar Number with your PAN Card. Over 1 crore assesses have already Linked their Aadhar Number with PAN but the number is abysmally low because there are over 20 crors PAN card holders in the India, while Aadhaar has been issued to 122 crors people. If you want to link your aadhar number with pan card please follow below steps carefully.

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1. First you need to go
2. If you are new, then you will need to Create an Account on E-filling portal, For Create Account click on “Register Here” and enter your PAN details.
3. If you already have an account then just clicks on ‘Login here’.
4. After Completely Registered, you need to log in on E-Filling Portal by entering your UserID and password. Your PAN Number has been automatically registered as your login user id.
5. After this there will be a pop up window that will ask you to link the Aadhaar number. After that enter the Aadhar number and then the cache code. Finally click “Link Now”.
6. If you do not see a popup window, don’t worry you can still easily link to both numbers. Go to the profile settings that appear in the top menu. After this, click on “Link Aadhar Number” Option
7. Enter your Aadhar Number and Click “Link Now“.
8. You have successfully link your Aadhar Number with PAN Card.

I hope this tutorial of How to link Aadhar Number with PAN card is very helful to all of you, If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends via social networking and If you have any problem regarding this tutorial you can ask with me in below comment box.

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