How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non Hosted


Hello Friends! How are you? In my Previous post i have already mentioned Top 10 Reason to Get Disabled Google Adsense Account, after that’s today i am going to share How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non Hosted. Do you know in this day Google Adsense is the big solution to Earn a lots of money by displaying ads on their blog or YouTube Video. As you all know you need to required a non hosted Adsense Account to make money from any blog and website and if you want to earn money from YouTube video you can do it from hosted account.

Adsense Hosted Account

This is not essay to get approval of an Adsense Hosted Account, the AdSense does not approved any site until its policy is fully qualified, in this cases many people applying to Adsense from YouTube for get fast approval of Adsense. There are Top 10 Tips to Get Approved from Google Adsense you can ready this article if you want to get adsense approval.

If you are a user, you will get the approval your request very soon and this rule also applies to YouTube. Google approved to sites because it is Google’s Vertified Partner sites but if you are accidentally in a self-hosted site or use a custom domain so you need to work hard for get approval from Adsense.

If you are applying for Adsense from youtube, then you can get instant approval but this account is non-hosted Adsense Account, all features of non-hosted Adsense account are same as hosted Adsense Account but you can not show non-hosted account Ads on website or blog. You can show Ads of non-hosted account only on youtube video. I have mentioned below the different between Hosted and Non Hosted Adsense Account you can read it carefuly.

What is Hosted Adsense Account?
This is the account which is just approve by the Google Verify Partner site and you get the approval of these accounts right away, but you can don’t use this account to add advertisements for Self Hosted blog or Website, you need to an non-hosted adsense account to add advertisement for self hosted blog or website. You can upgrade these hosted account to non-hosted account later.

What is Non-Hosted Adsense Account?
This types of accounts are used for a self-hosted site such as WordPress, There is a lot of problem with Approving these accounts, Google does not allow you to non-hosted accounts unless your site completely complies with the policies, but once you get the approvals of this account you get the benefit of it and you can earned from this in the low traffic. You can also use this type of account to show Ads on the YouTube Videos.

What things should be taken care of before upgrading an Adsense account?
Before upgrading the hosted account, you have to focus on some important things.

  1. Content – Before upgrading your adsense account you need to have fresh and unique content on your website or blog. Your post should be SEO friendly should not be copied from any other site
  2. Website Loading- You have a fast loading website in this cases you adsense application get fast approved.
  3.  Updated Website – You have daily updated Website and Blog with Fresh and unique Article and content.
  4. Important Pages – Your website have an important page like Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us and Sitemap pages.

How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non Hosted?

You must have a hosted account to upgrade your AdSense account, If you don’t have any hosted adsense account you need to get an Hosted Adsense account. For this you need to go and Create a Channel and Upload video, After this you have to apply for adsense, if you don’t know how to upload video on YouTube “Read this Article How to Upload Video on YouTube. after successfully get an hosted adsense account you can upgrade it with non-hosted adsense account.

Step 1 :- Login your Hosted Adsent Account.

Step 2:- After Login Click My Ads>Other Product Option from the Left side pannel.

Step 3:- After this now open a page like below window.


Step 4:- You need to Enter your Website Url in the “I will Show Ads on” Box and Click Submit Buuton.

Step 5:- After Submitted you request you need to add Adsense verification code in the <Head> section of your website blog.


Step 6 :- After all you need to wait for 3 Business days to get approval, in this period your website Reviewed by Adsense team, if your website fully qualified with Adsense Policy then your Google Adsense Account successfully upgraded to Non-Hosted Account.

I hope this tutorial of How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Non Hosted is very helpful to all of you if you like this post please share it with your friends via social network and if you have any problem regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I want to ask you that how can I use my non hosted account for youtube? I already have adsense account. I have very small no of view on my youtube channel. Should I go for it?

  2. Hey Akhilesh Kumar,
    Thanks for you quick response. I am getting very low view, how can I get more?
    Can you please suggest me something? I am using social medias and my website too.

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