How to Podcast Audio and Video Content using WordPress?

Podcast Audio and Video Content

In general terms, Podcast Audio and Video Content means distributing audio or video content by means of RSS 2.0, or Atom. It is said to be a procedure of making digital recordings that allow people to download from the internet. Podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio files using RSS. These files can be uploaded to digital music or multimedia players. The most authoritative thing about audio and video podcasting is how simple audio and video is to use up in a variety of environments.

Podcast Audio and Video Content

A podcast can be effortlessly formed from a digital audio file. Initially, you have got to generate audio or video that you want to share. The files generally will be in audio or video format. Then, you have to upload the file to a server and try to link to the file. WordPress usually includes a link to the file in your RSS/Atom source. WordPress makes all the essential links. Include a link to an audio file in a post and WordPress will put in the required enclosure tag to your RSS2 feed to make it edible as a podcast.

Podcast Audio and Video Content using WordPress

A lot of people used to have doubts on how to podcast audio and video content using WordPress. WordPress can be effective used for podcasting. A podcast is composed of a periodic sequence of audio files that users can subscribe and download. A podcast is helpful for users to subscribe to other podcast using RSS subscription apps on their devices. Podcasting and WordPress arm in arm.

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The most popular specialized tool to listen and subscribe to podcasts is iTunes. If you seek out iTunes for podcasts you will be to find out lists of MP3 and MP4 files for downloading which is resolved from a genuinely constructed RSS feed. By sharing your podcasts to iTunes podcast list, you can make it accessible to many other users. People can without problems subscribe to the podcast submitted by you using their iPhones, iPods, iPad, and other apple devices.

WordPress, in particular in its most recent version makes podcasting easy with incessant support. If you are trying to share podcasts using WordPress, you would require adding an audio file in the post. It will then automatically form enclosure tags to your RSS2.0/Atom feeds with the intention that it can be used as a podcast without restraint. Keep in mind to bring into play absolute URLS when linking your audio files for the reason that laxity will guide to WordPress’ incapability to generate an enclosure link for your file.

There are a few things that you should take into account while you seek to podcast audio and video content by means of WordPress.

Pick a WordPress podcasting Theme
Initially, you need a practicable WordPress podcasting theme. WordPress podcasting theme will let you to organize your podcasts. You have got to look for greatly useful and used podcasting themes. Appendipity, the Podcaster theme, the Americanaura theme, the Chords theme, the Berliner theme, etc are some of the selectable WordPress podcasting themes for you. People can pick any WordPress theme to host their podcast.

Find Podcasting Tools
It is important that you have podcasting tools with you and it’s considered to be the central part of creating a podcast. The podcasting tools that you use should be of top quality because if it is law in quality, listeners won’t be interested to hear your product. Utilize best tools to produce higher quality podcasts. Remember that the poor sound quality will make your audio and video content less usable. You should think of buying a microphone, a microphone arm, a shock mount, and headphones. Search online for the best piece of equipments and buy the best in the field. You don’t want to buy these tools in separate because a number of music stores sell sets of these tools.

Record Your Podcast
Recording would be the most fun filled part of podcasting. You need an effective recording tool. One of the most used tools for recording a podcast is Audacity. It is free, open source and very useful for connecting with your offline tools and present a steady recording onto your computer. Here is a look at how to record your podcast with Audacity:

  • Install the program.
  • Click on the File menu and form a fresh project.
  • Click Record button when you begin to record.
  • Record your voice once you click on the record menu.
  • Edit the file if any problems happen during the recording.
  • You can add background music by going to File and Import it.
  • Hit the Pause button once you complete recording.
  • Examine the recording and edit or remove parts that are needless.


Publish Your Content with a Podcasting Plug-In
Once you complete recording and editing your podcast, you are free to publish your content with a podcasting plug-in. It is required to find an excellent media hosting provider. Serving large media files from your web host will require many server resources. Media hosting platform like Blubrry can present you the best user and hassle free experience. Blubrry offers a WordPress plug-in. Sign up with the Blubrry and install the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plug-in. After login in to the Blubrry, proceed to Content > Media Files. Then, choose the upload new media file option.

Add the podcast to your website
Add your podcast to your website and podcast post should be given a title and include some description as well.

Review and Publish the Podcast on ITunes
Take your time to check out how your Podcast Audio and Video Content will appear in iTunes using preview. It helps you to make changes or to decide if any edits are require prior to publishing the video or audio content to iTunes. Once you submit the content to iTunes, then any post you publish in your chosen podcasts category will be accessible to your subscribers. Generate a category for your podcasts. You can name it whatever you like.
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