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How to Link Aadhar with Ration Card Step by Step Guide

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Hello Everyone ! How are you all? In my previous post I have already mentioned How to apply and download voter ID card online, After that in this post I am going to share how to link aadhar with Ration Card. As we all know in this day many people want to link their Aadhar card with Ration Card because Indian government has decided to link aadhar card with ration card for added security and you all must be aware of the fact that it has been executed in some parts of the country that’s link your aadhaar card with banks, LPG connections and even to the ration cards.

Aadhar with Ration Card

The ration card also use as a proof of identity and address like passport, PAN and other documents. Ration cards continue to be used today, with deserving individuals receiving free ration through it. Ration cards were initially issued to all households against which the household was issued food grains and fuel at a subsidised rate.

The Indian government has made it mandatory to link ration cards with an individual’s Aadhar card. Many  people are facing come problems while linking the aadhar card with with ration card, in this post i will tel you step by step guide about how to link your aadhar card with ration card.

Why we need to Link Aadhaar Card With Ration Card ?

The Indian Government will be able to stop to instances where individuals have using multiple ration card by linking the Aadhar card with the ration card, Many individuals are using ration card who are ineligible for the ration because their income is above the ration threshold, by linking the aadhar card with ration card the Indian government will be able to stop it from claiming ration individuals who are ineligible for ration as their income is above the ration threshold from claiming ration

How to Link Aadhar with Ration Card ?

So far, you have understood why linking Aadhaar card to ration card, after that i will tell you step by step guide to link aadhar card with ration card. If you want to link you aadhar card with your ration card you need to follow below steps carefully. whereby you can link link your all family aadhar card with your ration card.

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Note:- Here’s a different option of all Indian State to link Aadhar card with Ration Card but in this post i have mentioned only Jharkhand State. If you are a resident of another state you need to visit their state government official website for linking aadhar with ration card.


  • After That Choose what you want to change in your ration card. Choose UID Change Option and Click Submit Button.

uid change

  • Enter Your Ration Card Number and Mobile Number and click Submit button
  • Now appear your ration card details, You can add Aadhar number by Click on Edit option of any family

update aadhar

  • Click Edit Option of any Family and Enter their Aadhar Number and click update button.

update ration card

  • In this period a OTP has been sent on your mobile phone, you can use this OTP during theAadhar Updating.
  • After All you have successfully link your Aadhar card with Ration Card.

I hope this tutorial of How to Link Aadhar with Ration Card is useful to all of you, If you like This post you can share it with your friends via social networking site and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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