How to Show/ Hide File and Folder in Computer or Laptop


How to Hide file folder in Window 7,8,10 and How to show Hidden file in Computer or Laptop- Hello Friends! How are you all? In my Previous post i have already mentioned What is Ransomware Virus Attack? How to get Rid from it? After that Today in this post i am going to share How to Show or Hide File and Folder in Computer and laptop. As we all know, we keep collecting all of our information in a computer. In this case, anybody can harm your information. So we have to keep our information safe and secure.

Show Hide File and Folder

In this post i will tel you step by step guide to how you can hide your file and folder in your laptop or computer by which you can keep your information hide in your computer. You have a file that you do not want to share with anyone, then you can keep that file hidden in your computer, from which your file will not be visible to anyone while present in the computer.

If you want to hide you personal or important files in your computer, you need to follow below step carefully, So you can easily learn how to hide file or folder in computer.

How to Show/ Hide File and Folder in Windows 7

In this post I have mentioned step-by-step guide with image by which you can easily learn how to hide your information in the computer.

Step#1- First Go to Control Panel by Clicking on Start Button.

Open Control Panel

Step#2- Now Click Folder Option.


Step#3- After that Open a Popup Window as like below image.

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Step#4- Click View Option and choose Don’t Show Hidden file and folder option and Click Apply Button.


Step#5- After performing this setting, any hidden files on your computer will not be visible.

Note:-First of all, I would like to say that you will not hide any files on your computer’s desktop. You will hide your file inside a folder or sub folder so that it can easily be viewed according to your needs.

Step#6- Right Click on the file that’s you want to hide and click Properties option from which a Properties window will papering on your screen.


Step#7-Now you can see the details of your file size, created date and other details from the Properties window. Choose Hidden option and Click Apply button.


Step#8- After that your file has been successfully hidden.

How to Show/ Hide File and Folder in Computer?

After hidden your file, If you want to show your file then you need to go that location where your file is hidden.

Step#1- After reaching the Hidden file place, Click Organize option from the top left side and click Folder and search option.


Step#2- After that now appearing and folder and search option popup window as like below image.

Step#3- Now click View tab option and Choose Show Hidden file and folder option.


Step#4- Now your file has been successfully appearing.

Step#5- If you want to completely Remove hidden option from this file you need to remove hidden option from the properties window. Right Click> Properties> Hidden, follow below image and remove hidden from your file.


I hope this tutorial of How to Show/ Hide File and Folder in Computer PC or Laptop is very helpful to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social media, and if you have any problem regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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