How to Get Backup of WordPress Blog Data and Content


Hello Friends! How are you? In my Previous post i have already mentioned Top 3 Tools to Check Website Loading Speed Score Online. After that Today i am going to share How to Get Backup of WordPress Blog data and content online. Do you know if you work online then you face many kinds of troubles. If you are a blogger then it is very important to get timely backup of your blog? Because your blog can ever go from your hand.

Get Backup of WordPress Blog

If your blog is on WordPress, then you must know that WordPress is a software that runs on web hosting, So can you face many problem with your blog, because of which will cause you to lose your blog. your hosting company may be shut down at any time, Sometimes your wordpress database may be corrupted due to some reason, Your hosting company may suspect your blog due to high memory usage and any hacker can hack your blog. So you keep taking a Backup of WordPress Blog every day, because if your blog gets hacked, then you can take your blog again.

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Well there are many ways to get a backup of any blog. But you need to use the same method which takes real backup of your blog. In this post i will tell you best way to get full backup, from which you can easily get back up of your blog.

Which file of WordPress is necessary to get back up
Many blogs are confused to what files we need to get back up from WordPress because there are lots of database files in the wordpress, and for this reason he can’t get fully backup of his blog. I would like to tell you Whenever you take a backup of the blog, try to get a Remote Backup of it and that is different from your hosting account.

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There are also many bloggers who confuse themselves by using multiple options for backup. A wordpress blog requires timely backup to “WordPress database”
“WordPress-content folder” of your blog. If you have a backup of both of these database of your WordPress Blog You can restore your blog at any time. You also need to take backup of both .htaccess and Robots.txt file as well as taking backup of these two things.

How to Get Backup of WordPress Blog Data and Content

There are many ways are available on the Internet to get backup of your wordpress blog but there in this post i have mentioned only two best ways to get fully backup of your wordpress blog with whose help you can easily Get Backup of WordPress Blog.

1. Get Backup of your WordPress Blog by using Plugins.
You know that WordPress is so popular due to its plugin because you can complete every work on WordPress blog by using Plugins, Similarly you can easily get backup of your blog by using the plugin on WordPress. Here I am telling you an excellent plugin, which you can easily back up of your WordPress blog.

WP DB Backup
This is a great plugin to take backup of your WordPress blog, This is an all-rounder plugin and when it takes the backup, it gives a great performance. So you can say that this is also a best plugin to take backup of your WordPress blog. You can Download and Install this Plugins directly from your WordPress Dashboard. This is a very simple plugin that you can use very easily!

wp dp plugin

Download WP DB Backup plugin

2. Get Backup of WordPress Blog by using Web Hosting.
The other way is you can easily get backup directly from your Web Hosting. While taking backup from Webhosting, one thing should be kept in mind that you can not get more than 4GB of backup at a time from cPanel. If your backup files are larger than 4GB, then you need to contact the hosting support team.

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If you are using Hostgrator Hosting, then follow steps to get Backup from you Hosting C-panel

  • Log In to your C-Panel.
  • Click Backup Option from the C-Panel
  • After that click Generate full backup.
  • Select Home directory to get Fully Backup.
  • Now Enter your Email ID and Click Generate Backup.
  • After all you can download your backup file from cpanel/FTP.

I hope This Tutorial of How to Get Backup of WordPress Blog Data and Content is very helpful to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends and if you have any questions regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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