How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger Blog


Hello Friends! How are you all? In my Previous Post i have already mentioned that Add Facebook Messenger Chat Widget in Your Website. After that today in this post i am going to share how to add YouTube Subscribe Button in your blogger blog. If you are a blogger then i recommend you to create a own YouTube channel with your blog brand and publish video related to your blog. If you have a YouTube Channel help to drive more traffic on your blog from YouTube.

Add YouTube Subscribe Button

After Created a YouTube channel then you need to add a Subscribe to to your channel on your blog, whereby help you increase both traffic of your blog and YouTube channel. This method also increase View of your youtube videos. This is very easy to add YouTube subscribe button in your blog, you can done it by just a few click.

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blog.

If want to add YouTube subscribe button in your blog, you need to follow bellow steps carefully. I hope this step completely help you to adding youtube subscribe button.

Step#1 – Fist you need to go YouTube Developer Page.

Step#2– On the YouTube developer Page you will see the option which allow allow you to configure and embed subscribe button

youtube subscribe button

Step#3– After Configured your youtube subscribe button Copy the embedded code.

youtube subscribe button

Step#4- After Copied, Login your Blogger Account

Step#5- After Logged in your blogger account  Go to  Layout>>Add a gadget>> Choose HTML/Javascript and Past your copied Code.

Step#6- Click Save.

Step#7- Congratulation! You have successfully added YouTube Subscribe button on your blog.

I hope this tutorial of Add YouTube Subscribe Button in your blog is very useful to all of you, If you like this post please share it with your friends via social networking, and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in bellow comment box.

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