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Hi Friends! How are you, in my previous post i have already mentioned How to Use Paytm E-Wallet Step by Step Full Guide after this, today i am going to share Top 10 Tricks to Get Approved from Google Adsense easily, Do you know many blogger and website owner make a lot of money through Google Adsense but it is very difficult to get an adsense account.

Every blogger wants more income from his blog but for that we have to follow some rules of Google Adsense. Let me tell you that it is very difficult to apply the Adsense application in India, yet many people break the rules of the law and do not earn much money. In this post I will tell you very helpful tricks to get Adsense Account Approval in few hours.

Get Approved from Google Adsense

It is not a easy matter to get Adsense Account Approval in India. If you want to get an Adsense Approved Account you need to follow the Rules of Google Adsense Policy. In this post, I am telling you the top 10 methods to early approval of the AdSense account, remember, if you do not follow them then your AdSense account cannot be approved.

Top 10 working tips to Get Approved from Google Adsense

1. There is no copyright in the blog post
Never copy a word in your blog post, The result of this would be that far away from the approval of your Adsense Account, the Google search engine will stop showing your site. You need to update your blog daily with fresh and unique content.

2. Term and Condition of Google Adsense
You have to follow the rules of Google adsense. The rules of remembering are always changing. So keep reading the Terms and Condition of the Adsense. You can Read Google Adsense term and Condition by Visiting Here

3. Use Minimum Photo in Your Blog Post
Do not add more photos in your Blog Post, Many people take a lot of photo in their blog posts which is not acceptable

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4. Use SEO Friendly Blog Template to your Blog.
There are many Templates available in the blogging market but you just use only SEO Friendly template to your blog. So that your visitors can access your blog from anywhere.

5. Use .XML Sitemap to Your Blog
We always recommended to all use .xml site map on blog. Because a sitemap show our blog page to google by turning into a small code. This is easy way to read for Google Adsense.

6. Your blog should have a lot of traffic.
Before applying for an Adsense Account, check out how many Visitors come to your blog every day. Because if visitors do not come to your site then Adsense will block it by considering it as a fake site. If your site have not a good traffic first you need to promote your blog and drive a lot of traffic on your blog.

7. Use Robot.txt file to your blog.
To prevent junk files in your blog, definitely add robot.txt file in your blog, because if you do not do this then a lot of junk file will be added to your blog by which adsense will not be able to read your blog.

8. Your blog’s Alexa rank should be good
Many people think that there is no need for Alexa Ranking to get Approved from Google Adsense and they ignore it. If your blog’s Alexa rank is not good, then you can not get the approval of adsense. So first make Alexa Rank of your blog good.

9. Add some required pages to your blog.
Before Applying AdSense, your must create some required pages on your blog, by which Adsense can easily understand your blog. You need to add following page in your blog.
     About Us
     Contact Us
     Privacy Policy
     Term of Use

10. Your blog must be 6 months old
First need to be 6 months old in order to apply Adsense from a blog in India. This rule is applicable in India as well as in China and other countries.

I hope this tutorial of Top 10 Tricks to get Approved from Google Adsense is useful to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social network and if you have any question regarding this post you can ask with me by commenting in below box.

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