How to Make Your $100 First Earning on Google Adsense


Hello Friends! How are you all? In my previous post i have already mentioned Top 10 Tips to Get Approved from Google Adsense 100% Working. After that today in this post i am going to share How to Make Your $100 First Earning on Google Adsense. Before i go deep into it let me explain the term adsense.
First Earning on Google Adsense
AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service owned by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click ads.

The advertisements are controlled and managed by Google and Web publishers. To create AdSense account takes few minutes and it’s free,but its approval is hard. AdSense revenue is generated on a pay per-click or pay per-impression basis.

How to Make Your $100 First Earning on Google Adsense

Google currently offers a number of different AdSense programs, depending on the type of content you offer in your blog. Now let’s come to the point, if you have an approved google adsense account with epic content, then you should do the following adsense monetization techniques to earn your first hundred dollars.

1. Build Loyal Fan Base 
Before you start to monetize your adsense ads try to build loyal fans who care your content and ready to support your blog. Give them evergreen contents that can make everyone who access your blog convert to loyal fan.

2. Offer EPIC Content 
Always give your loyal fans evergreen content – google believes siteswith great content withstand its constant algorithm updates,content is king. Google rewards sites that publish creative,non plagiarized content that resonates with its audience by placing them at a high position in search results.

3. Target Traffic From Developed Countries 
Targetting traffic from developed countries has many advantages for boosting adsense income. Country Location of the website’s traffic plays a major role in determining AdSense CPC. We know that AdSense revenue largely depend on CPC (cost-per-click). Hence,traffic from developed countries like USA, anada, United Kingdom and Australia earns you more when compared to traffic from developing countries like India,china or African Nations.

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This is becouse people from developed countries spend huge Percentage of money online than people from Africa and Asia. Here I am not only talking about average internet consumers, bloggers,
web-masters but also online marketing budgets of small and large business.

This led lack of advertiser interest and non-awareness of the power of social media marketing is the main problem behind the lower CPC in Asian and African Countries.

4. Placing Ads on Relevant Area 
Ad placement is quite tricky,if you place on a wrong position it annoys your readers and causes them to leave. So, to avoid that you have to place your ads where your readers does not get annoyed and the
best place google itself suggests is above the this section people tend to click more when viewing your contents than when placing below the content.

5. Adsense Ads Should be Relevant to Your Blog
If you’re blogging on technology but your advertisements are for skin care or betting, your readers are not likely to click. On the other hand, if you’re blogging about fitness and your advertisements are for
workout equipments, you’re more likely to catch your visitors’ eyes.

One way to ensure that AdSense delivers relevant ads to your blog is to make sure that your blog’s content is specific and focused. Instead of running a cricket blog, you may want to run a golf blog for women or a blog dedicated to reviewing golf clubs. The more specific your content is, the more targeted your advertisements will be.

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  1. adsense approval is a bit difficult, i have tried so many time but than i realized my mistake. i was using free blogger blog with less content. shifted to wordpress with .com domain and making daily 4-5$ from Adsense.
    good article wrote up!

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