How to Create Online Voting Poll for WhatsApp Group Free


Hello Friends! How are your? In my Previous post i have already mentioned that’s How to Add Voting Poll Widget to Blogger Blog for Free. After that today i am going to share How to Create Online Voting Poll to Whatsapp group. As we know WhatsApp is the most popular free messaging service in this time. We share our feeling to the friends through whatsapp. We share your feelings with friends through WhatsApp, in the same way if you have any kind of questions in your mind or you want to get some information from your friends, then you can vote for them.

Create Online Voting Poll

You can know the opinions of your friends through the voting poll, by which your own voting pole will be ready and you can sharing it on any social website or you can also share it on any WhatsApp group. So let us know how we can prepare a voting poll for the WhatsApp Group.

How to Create Online Voting Poll for WhatsApp Group

It very easy to create a own voting poll which help you to know opinion of your whatsapp friends. You can also share this voting poll on your Facebook timeline. So let’s Started.

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First of all, if you want to create Voting Poll for WhatsApp you need to Download ZingPoll Android App from Google Play Store.

zing poll app

Step#1- After Downloaded Install the ZingPoll Application in your android Phone.

Step#2- Now Open the ZingPoll Application and Click “+” Icon.

new voting poll

Step#3- After that Fill the Poll Information.

poll information

Step#4- After Filled the information Tab on Other Apps Button which allow you to share your Poll to the different social media platform.

All Done! You have successfully created your voting poll. Now you can share your poll on the defferent Social Media site like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus and other one.

I hope this tutorial of How to Create Online Voting Poll to WhatsApp Group is very helpful to all of you. If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends and if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask with me in below comment box.

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