Why Your Business Isn’t Attracting More Customer Referrals


Hello Friends! How are you? In my previous post i have already mentioned that Tips to Transition from Outbound to Inbound Marketing for Small Business. After that in this post i am going to share Reason why your business not Attracting More Customer. Marketing is an important process for all types of business. While many business owners focus on marketing strategies that bring new customers to their door, some of them pick a more subtle, but more effective method.

Attracting More Customer

The reason for this lies in the fact that the costs of acquiring a new customer or a client are much higher than bringing a customer back to your business. That said, referrals are very important for any business to thrive. After all, no one would mind their sales to go on an autopilot mode. Establishing brand ambassadors who are willing to refer to your business is the best way to continuously grow.

Reason Why not Your Business Attracting More Customer

So, let’s take a look at how you should approach a higher number of referrals with your existing customer base.

Envision a plan and start delivering

Many businesses do not get a high number of referrals strictly because they have not created a promising plan. To make sure that you achieve this goal, it is necessary to create a detailed plan that compels your audience to do nothing, but praise you. To get started, you can back on one of the approaches mentioned below:


  • Advertising approach – Creating a brand involves a significant investment in advertising. Also, it is important to start off by building a powerful and memorable message you want your customers to hear. This will make it easier for your customers to remember your brand, and they will be able to share it with others more easily.


  • Building Trust – When you think about how people look at businesses, imagine what they are looking for in a brand. What would make them recommend your products or services to someone else? Trust is one of the elements that plays an instrumental role. This means that you have to build a close relationship with your existing customers, if you are to create and improve trust.


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  • Analyze and improve – In order to grow, it is necessary to learn about your product, analyze it, and continuously improve it. Listen to your community and take a closer look at the feedback. Optimizing the product for your audience will ensure they continue using it, while they’ll also recommend you to their friends.

These are only some ideas about what your plan should focus. The goal is to consider different ways that will motivate your customers to share positive thoughts about your brand with their close ones. Let’s take a look at two crucial steps you should take in order to achieve better results immediately.

Deliver All Round Quality

In order to be capable of implementing a referral strategy, it is essential to start working on building a strong foundation for your business. What does a foundation mean in this context? Well, in the referral building scenario, it’s making sure that your business shines with quality products and services. You can start off by the following:
Round Quality

  • Product and service quality – No matter if you are creating a piece of software, selling a product, or offering a service to your customers, a quality presence is a crucial element. Your customers need to get exactly what they are offered. Any lack in the quality of the service provided is not going to earn you a referral.


  • It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate the quality of your products and services to fulfill the expectations of your consumers.


  • Outstanding customer support – Even though you are going to try and deliver a good service or product to your customers, there are always going to be cases when something goes unexpected. Instead of taking that instance as a setback for your business, you can learn and take a cue to improve.
  • A good idea is to deploy an outstanding customer service tools such a online live chat software. It is a perfect way to deliver outstanding support to your customers and clients. With this tool, your agents can help customers in an array of ways.
  • This is going to positively affect your customer satisfaction rates, that automatically make your customers more likely to recommend to more people and Attracting More Customer.


  • Replacement policy – When a product stops working as expected, there is a time period in which they can bring the product to fix the error. The best way to handle these types of problems is creating a replacement policy.


  • Though creating a replacement policy may slightly impact your profits in the beginning, it’s most likely to attract a huge customer base in the long run. Simply take a look at what Tesla and Apple are doing, and you will understand the bigger picture behind this approach. If something goes wrong, all the customer has to do is to go for a replacement.

By delivering quality in all business fields, you are going to create an authoritative brand that keeps its word. It will all lead to higher customer satisfaction rates, thereby increasing the number of customer referrals.

Provide Creative Incentives

Asking people to refer you to friends is not going to bring any special results. In fact, it can only backfire and cause more issues down the road. However, if you create a normal incentive such as product discounts or any other form of special offer, you are giving the customer something in return for the referrals. This is a great approach for reaching a higher number of referrals without asking for it inappropriately. With this strategy, you can expect a higher number of customers over the course of time.

Therefore, if you are thinking about why your business isn’t Attracting More Customer referrals, these are some points you should definitely focus on. Building a community around your brand is challenging, especially in the modern market. However, with the right approach and patience, it is perfectly achievable.

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