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Hello Friends! How are you all? In my Previous Post i have already mentioned How to Link Aadhar with Ration Card Step by Step Guide. After that today in this post i am going to share how to apply Pension, Income, Residential and Cast Certificate from Jharseva without going to Pragya Kendra in Jharkhand. Do you know a few day ago Jharkhand government has announce that the every citizen of jharkhand can apply G2C Services online without pragya kendra.

Now you do not need to go to the Pragya Kendra or any CSC Center for the any certificate or G2C Services. Now you can apply the G2C service through the Internet and applyyour Certificate from Jharseva or Service Online Portal of Jharkhand.

Certificate from Jharseva

Jharkhand Government has launch a online portal that know JharSeva using which every citizen of Jharkhand can apply online for the G2C service like Pension Yojna, Residential, Cast and Income Certificate. if you need aay, jati, niwas and if want to apply for the biklank pension, bridha pension, bidhawa pention then you can apply all these Certificate from Jharseva. For this you need to read this post carefully.

What is G2C Services?

G2C stand for Government-to-Citizen, it a government service launch by the state government from which you can apply online for the issue of Income Certificate, Cast Certificate, Local Residential Certificate and you can also apply the Handicap Pension, Window Pension, Senior Citizen Pension. these service provided by every state government of India, in Jharkhand government launch their website that’s called jharseva. As we all know a few day ago these service was available offline but now all these services are available online to every state. You can apply these service through the internet.

How to Apply Pension Income Cast Residential Certificate from Jharseva in Jharkhand

Although this service are available in all state of India but I am just talking about Jharkhand state in this post. You can also do all these services through the Pragya Kendra but if pragya kendra is not available in your area then you can apply it online through the internet. Before applying these all services online, keep the documents related to it. If you do not know what documents required for the which application then download the details from here.

What documents required for the G2C Services

1. Documents required for Income Certificate

  • Applicant Photograph
  • Income related Affidavit * (MANDATORY)
  • Salary slip
  •  If applicant age is less than 18 years then affidavit from Parent*

2. Documents required for Residential Certificate

  • The declaration of the applicant in support of the claim *
  • Filled form of Affirmation for local resident of Jharkhand *
  • Proof of the applicant’s permanent address *
  • Proof of Document related to Local resident of Jharkhand*

3. Documents required for Cast certificate

  • Recommendation letter from elected member to verify the caste
  • Self declaration of Applicant * (as per Sankalp No 713 dated 28/01/2016 issued by Department of Personnel ,Administrative reforms and Rajbhasa ,Governement of Jharkhand)
  • Applicant Photograph
  • Land related certificate *(In which description of caste has been mentioned) Note: Mandatory for O.B.C
  • Photocopy of Khatiyan
  • Other caste related documents
  • Income Certificate*( Note: Mandatory for O.B.C )
  • Caste Certificate(BC1/BC2)*( Note: Mandatory for O.B.C)
  • Residential Certificate* ( Note: Mandatory for O.B.C)
  • Genealogy (NOTE:Mandatory for S.C,S.T and BC1,BC2)

4. Documents required for Social Security Widow Pension

  • Photograph*
  • ID Proof*
  • Age Proof*
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card *
  • BPL No. Proof/Income Certificate *
  • Residence Certificate
  • Death Certificate of husband*

5. Documents required for Social Security Disability Pension

  • Photograph*
  • ID Proof*
  • Age Proof*
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card *
  • BPL No. Proof/Income Certificate *
  • Residence Certificate
  • Certificate showing percentage of disability*

6. Documents required for Social Security Old Age Pension

  • Photograph*
  • ID Proof*
  • Age Proof*
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card *
  • BPL No. Proof/Income Certificate *
  • Residence Certificate

If you have all necessary document that you need to during the applying services then follow below step carefully.

Step#1. First go to

Step#2. Click Login Button and enter your id and Password and login into your dashboard. If you don’t have id and Password first click Register Yourself.


Step#3. Fill the Registration form carefully, in the Login ID enter your Email ID and Create Your Logging Password and Click Submit Button.



Step#4. After Successfully Registered you need to verify your email, after verification Login with your ID and Password. After Login your Dashboard will appearing as like below.


Step#5. After Loggin you can Apply All G2C Services by click on View Services from the Apply for Services Section.


Step#6. Now Click on the Services that’s you want to apply, In this Post, May tell you how to apply only for Income Certificate, but everyone has the same method.

Step#7. If you want to Apply Income Certificate Click on the Issue of Income Certificate Option.

Step#8. Fill the Application Form with necessary Details and click Save Draft Button.

Step#9. After Saved your Application Click Attach Annexer and Attach your all supporting document like ID Proof, Address Proof, Income Proof, Affedavit and click Submit Button.


Step#10. After Submission of Attachment you need to pay Rs. 30 for the Government Service Charge. You can Pay this amount through Debit, Credit Card and Net Banking and If you have a Digital Wallet like Paytm, CSC Wallet then you can pay from this.

Step#11. After Payment you have successfully applied or the Income Certificate, After some days, this certificate will be loaded in your dashboard which you can download.

Note:- During the Application if you need Self Declaration form or other Supporting Document, you can download it from here Self Declaration for G2C.

I hope this tutorial o Apply Pension Income Residential Cast Certificate from Jharseva in Jharkhand is very helpful to all of you if like this post you can share it with your friends via social network and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in bellow comment box.

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  1. while applying for obc caste certificate online, in the step#9 when we have to attach annexures, there is option for only one document to be uploaded i.e. Caste certificate. no other options are there. how do we submit other documents like residential proof, income certificate and self declaration

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