Top 5 Adsense Alternative Ads Networks to New Blogger


Are you New in Blogging and want to monetise your new blog. Hello Friends! how are you all? In my previous post I have already mentioned How to get Adsense approval. After that in this post I will introduce with top 5 Adsense Alternative Ads Networks which you can use on a new blog. these all Ads Network have no minimum requirement of traffic, you can easily get approved your blog from these ads Network.

Adsense Alternative Ads Networks

As we all know Adsense is the top most popular advertising company but it is very difficult to get approved from Adsense and have many strict term and condition to follow in Adsense. So many Blogger said with Adsense and they migrate their advertising management to these top Adsense alternative ads Network for earn higher money. There are many other factors that AdSense seen in your website before it approves your blog or website.

Small blogs generally do not get the approval of AdSense easily, so I have found some other ad networks for new and small bloggers. This post of Adsense Alternative Ads Networks is very useful to all small Blogger who failed to getting Adsense account.

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Adsense Alternative Ads Networks to New Blogger and Small Publisher

#1- Chitika
Chitika is a top alternative ad network compare to other ad network. chitika ads Network provide high CPC to your blog in low traffic. If you are small Publisher or you have a new blog then you can use chitika ads Network to revenue your blog.

☀ Fast approval to any new Blogger
☀ Minimum payout $10
☀ Payout via payable
☀ There are both services are available to Publisher or advertisers

Join chitika ads Network

#2- Bidvertiser 
Bidvertiser also a top popular ads Network company on the internet, this is one of the oldest ad network company so you can trust it. There is many ads unit available with high CPC rate, you can apply as a Publisher with bidvertiser.

☀ Minimum payout $10 via PayPal, $20 via cheque and $50 via Wire Transfer.
☀ Many ads unit available with high CPC.
☀ Fast approval to a new blog
☀ No required minimum traffic.
☀ Join bidvertiser ad network

Join Bidvertiser

#3- Infolink
Infolink is a top most popular Advertising company because they provide contextual ads service to their publishers. You can increase your blog revenue in low traffic via its text ads service. If you are small Blogger or have a free blogspot blog then you can apply for Infolink ads network.

☀ Minimum payout $20 via PayPal
☀ It is a Trusted company by many Blogger
☀ In text advertising services available
☀ Payout on time for every month

Join Infolink ads network

#4- Propellerads
Propellerads is a CPM ad network company. It is very usefull that to any kind of beginner or a new blogger. It is very different from the other niche ad network because it’s pay you $2 to $5 on per 1000 impressions.

☀ Minimum payout $10
☀ Pay per impressions facility
☀ Easy to managed

Join Propellerads

#5- PopAds
This is the most different network company compare to other ad network company They allow all kinds of blogs or website including websites containing with adult content. Popups ads are also available in this ads network. You can apply as a Publisher with PopAds and start revenue from your blog.

☀ Fast approval
☀ Minimum payout
☀ High CPC
☀ Monthly payout

Join Popads

I hope this tutorial of Adsense Alternative Ads Networks is very usefull to all of you, if you like this post please share it with your friends via social networking and if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask with me in bellow comment box.

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